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FailSafe Security Audit: Excellence Confirmed by Zokyo

Zokyo, a premier Web3 security audit firm with a record of over 300 audits safeguarding in excess of $200 billion in digital assets, recently concluded a comprehensive security assessment of FailSafe. This in-depth review was initiated to ascertain the resilience of FailSafe’s systems in the face of evolving cyber threats – the results of which affirmed FailSafe’s robustness, quality, and security.

FailSafe is designed to safeguard digital assets in worst-case and critical scenarios involving intricate phishing attacks, private key theft, smart contract breaches, and beyond. Through its unique and innovative design, FailSafe can immediately initiate a counter-transaction whenever malicious activity is detected. This countermeasure serves to swiftly move the user’s assets to a fortified self-custody smart contract, providing an unmatched security level and reassuring peace of mind.

Hartej Sawhney, the Founder and CEO of Zokyo, had this to say regarding the audit, “I’m happy to report that our meticulous analysis of FailSafe’s systems, both in cloud infrastructure and smart contract components, highlighted their commitment to superior quality and security. Their efforts in safeguarding digital assets are truly commendable.”

These results underscore FailSafe’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards in cybersecurity, ensuring users can navigate the digital realm with utmost confidence in their assets’ safety.

The primary objective of this audit centred around the meticulous analysis and documentation of the FailSafe interceptor and signing server codebase. The evaluation aimed to ensure the utmost in quality, security, and correctness, resulting in a resounding success for FailSafe. With zero critical issues unearthed during the examination, the assessment further concluded, “The contract demonstrates superb writing and organisation.”

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