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FailSafe Scientific Paper Published On arXiv

Eleos Labs is proud to announce that the FailSafe scientific paper, ‘From Social Engineering to Quantum Threats: Safeguarding User Wallets with FailSafe‘, has been published on arXiv, an esteemed online repository for scientific research. The approval for posting on arXiv signifies an important milestone for Eleos Labs and highlights the potential impact of our research in the fields of Cryptography and Security.

The paper, co-authored by Dr. Ari Medvinsky and Dr. Ben Livshits, is accessible at and covers the proposal of FailSafe, our proposed approach to preventing the theft of crypto funds. As cryptocurrencies have been rapidly gaining adoption, secure wallet interactions are still elusive for many users, which frequently leads to the loss of funds. FailSafe consists of several defence-in-depth measures that can be applied near-term as well as a tool called qMig for aiding eventual quantum migration.

The publication on arXiv, a reputable platform for sharing scientific research, is a significant milestone for Eleos Labs, Dr. Medvinsky, and Dr. Livshits. The platform’s approval process ensures that only high-quality, impactful, and well-researched papers are posted, making this achievement a testament to the team’s dedication and the potential impact of their work.

As the scientific community reviews and discusses the findings of this paper, Dr. Ari Medvinsky, and Dr. Ben Livshits have established themselves as pioneers in their field, paving the way for further advancements and potential collaborations.

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