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Exploring Our Vision: An Introduction to Our Company’s Whitepaper

Co-authored by Dr. Gennady “Ari” Medvinsky and Dr. Ben Livshits, the Whitepaper introduces FailSafe’s suite of solutions, designed to protect against Web3 security threats and to secure your cryptocurrency assets.

Introduction to Dr. Ben Livshits

Dr. Ben Livshits is a highly accomplished computer scientist with a Ph.D. from Stanford University, Dr. Ben has a proven track record of excellence in his field with an h-index of 53 and over 10,000 citations to his papers. He is a specialist in web security, programming languages and software engineering, with a wealth of experience in the field, having served as CEO of Ziliqa and Chief Scientist for Brave Browser. Dr. Ben excels at bridging the gap between academic research and industrial practice, having successfully translated work into real-world applications. His unique combination of skills and experience as an inventor and professor makes him a valuable asset to any organisation looking to stay at the forefront of innovation in computer science.

Introduction to Dr. Gennady “Ari” Medvinsky

Based in Redmond, United States, Dr. Gennady “Ari” Medvinsky has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering and security architecture: he has built products and platforms with some of the world’s leading tech companies such as Microsoft, Grab and more recently Google. With his extensive background in the security industry, Ari is acutely aware of the challenges posed by Web2.0 and Web3.0 exploits and hacks, which often result from end-user errors such as neglecting security best-practices.

To address these risks, Ari strives to create secure products that are robust against user errors and minimise serious consequences. He recommends implementing a failsafe defence and in-depth security philosophy with multiple fallbacks to counteract phishing attacks and operator errors, ensuring the system never reaches a critical failure. The objective is to minimise monetary losses. 

FailSafe’s suite of products represents this philosophy, providing comprehensive security features including 24/7 transaction monitoring, transaction rejection, protection against quantum computing threats, and support for all types of wallets, such as software, custodial, hardware, and paper wallets.

Read more about Failsafe's suite of security solutions here.

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